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Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Explained | Don Wessel Honda | Springfield, MO

Keeping your car up to date on its routine maintenance is a detail that is easy to lose in the shuffle of everyday life. The Honda Maintenance Minder system looks to help save you both time and money by utilizing a series of codes to ensure you understand not only when service is due, but the type of service you need to complete.

How Does Maintenance Minder Work?

The Honda Maintenance Minder utilizes an algorithm and on-board computer that helps catch any issues your vehicle might be having before they become serious. It tracks the life of your engine oil, while also monitoring engine operating conditions, including:
  • Ambient temperature
  • Engine temperature
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Vehicle use

What Do These Codes Mean?

If you want to know what part or system in your Honda needs to be serviced, then you’ll want to understand the codes that could pop up. Here’s a breakdown of each one and what they mean:
  • A – Change oil and filter
  • B – Replace the engine oil and filter, prepare a brake inspection, adjust the parking brake, and check other vehicle systems
Along with these codes, there are also sub-codes to clarify what specific maintenance needs to be performed. These include:
  • 1 – Rotate your vehicle’s tires
  • 2 – Check and potentially replace the air filter, drive belt, dust filter, and pollen filter
  • 3 – Replace the transmission and transfer fluid
  • 4 – Examine and possibly replace your vehicle’s spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, and valves
  • 5 – Your vehicle’s engine coolant is either low or needs to be flushed and replaced
  • 6 – Your vehicle’s rear differential fluid is low or needs to be replaced
Along with the above codes, your Honda will let you know how old your oil is through percentages; beginning at 100 percent when your oil has just been changed and decreasing as your car’s mileage increases.
  • 15% means you should service your vehicle soon, so plan to bring it in for its scheduled maintenance
  • 5% means to complete the service now
  • 0% means the service is well past due, so take your vehicle in for its oil change
With Honda’s smart systems, you should be able to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. If you’re due for any service, set up an appointment with Don Wessel and have our experienced staff take care of your ride.

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