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Honda Civic Si vs. Competitors

Dare to Compare 2017 Honda Civic Si vs. Competition - Best New Cars Springfield Missouri
The Honda Civic Si Sedan a sporty new take on a classic car. Equipped with a tuned engine and suspension, a new look, and premium features, the Civic Si sets itself apart on both the road and the track. When compared to similar vehicles—like the Focus ST Hatch, 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI, and Subaru WRX—the Honda Civic Si has many distinct qualities.
2017 Civic Si Sedan vs. Ford Focus ST Hatch
Some of the advantages of the Civic Si over the Focus ST Hatch are rooted in design and performance engineering. For instance, the Civic Si comes standard with a limited-slip differential—unlike the Focus ST—to help you gain traction when driving quickly around corners. The Civic Si is also over 300 pounds lighter, and it has better interior volume for both passengers and cargo. Other advantages the Civic Si has compared to the Focus ST are more standard features like dual-zone automatic climate control, a 10-speaker audio system, smartphone connectivity—each of which you pay an added cost for on the Focus ST.
2017 Civic Si Sedan vs. VW Golf GTI
Much like Focus ST, the VW Golf GTI has fewer standard features than the Civic Si. The Civic Si comes with automatic climate control, hill-start assist, a premium audio system, and added passenger volume. Plus, the Civic Si gets up to 38 highway mpg while the Golf GTI only manages up to 34 highway mpg.* In part, the added efficiency is due to the light weight of the Civic Si.
2017 Civic Si Sedan vs. Subaru WRX
In addition to being much more affordable than the WRX, the Civic Si has a few things you can’t find on the comparable Subaru. For example, the Si has a standard two-mode driving system so you can toggle between driving modes for added control. The Civic Si is over 300 pounds lighter than the WRX, one reason the Civic Si has 38 highway mpg compared to the WRX’s 27 highway mpg.* No WRX trims have smartphone connectivity, and added space in the Civic Si keeps you and your passengers comfortable.
While the Focus ST, Golf GTI, and WRX are each great cars, the Civic Si excels in several areas to set it apart from the competition. It has tons of standard features, a lightweight build, and an intelligent performance design that’s perfect for drivers looking for added thrills behind the wheel.

*EPA estimated gas mileage. Actual mileage may vary. Use for comparison only.

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